Piano Bar

Pat O’Brien’s is known for many things like their famous Hurricane and Bloody Mary drinks, but the spirit of the bar comes to full size in the Piano Bar.

Traditionally, a piano bar or lounge contains a professional musician playing on a grand piano in a cocktail lounge, bar, hotel lobby or restaurant. In general, the piano player works for tips and gladly plays requests. The Pat O’Brien’s piano bar is legendary for the two copper pianos and dueling piano players singing through the night with a joyous spirit floating through the air. The waiters dressed in the traditional Pat O’Brien’s green jackets serve Hurricanes, Bloody Marys, and other signature Pat O’Brien drinks. Of course, a piano bar would not be complete without a rendition of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” and a stack of Pat O’Brien’s white napkins piled up with handwritten requests for the talented maestros.

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